2017 Readers’ Choice Awards

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Artisan Electric Team

The Artisan Team is Asking for Your Vote!

The voting for the 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards is underway and the Artisan Electric Team would really appreciate your support.

We’ve received complements from many of you and we are thankful for the positive feedback you’ve given us over this past year. At Artisan Electric we have a saying we use often to govern how we approach our business – “we all come up together”.  To that end we could really use your help and your vote now to achieve this next goal!

Red check in vote box

Cast Your Vote for Artisan Electric

Please “click on” the RED CHECK VOTE button and cast your vote for Artisan Electric. Your vote will make a difference, so please vote now, it only takes a few seconds.

Respectfully – Chris Voglund and The Artisan Electric Team

*Voting is open until 10/16 @ 11:59pm EASTERN

Journeyman Electrician Sought

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Artisan Electric Team

We’re Looking for the Next Space Protector

Artisan Electric is asking for your help.  As we continue to grow, Artisan Electric is looking to add a member to our A-TEAM.  Do you know someone in the electrical trades?  Maybe someone who is not satisfied with their current job, or is looking for a new challenge with real growth opportunities?

If so, we would LOVE to talk with them about all Artisan Electric has to offer.

We are looking for candidates with some or all of the following traits / skills.

  • Electrician working on outdoor electrical panelMust be hard wired to care about people and team members, and be committed to the social responsibility of doing ethical business
  • Is willing, able, and enjoys being in new situations
  • Is a problem solver!
  • Believes that business relationships must be WIN / WIN for all parties
  • Journeyman electrician who has been thru a 4 year BAT certified apprentice program and has a minimum 4 years of post-apprenticeship residential and light commercial service experience
  • No felony convictions and can pass a federal back ground check for work at secure facilities
  • Is able to write proficiently and work with computers and basic computer applications

Artisan Electric "gimme that juice" logoKnow a Candidate? Please Pass the Word Along.
Please feel free to reply to this email, forward it to potential candidates, call us at 765-414-3913, or make a connection thru our website at WWW.ARTISANELECTRIC.NET.  We would love to hear from you!

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Home Technology Problems

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Home Technology Problems We All Face

If you are like most families, particularly if you have kids in middle and/or high school, your home is inundated in electronic devices and technology.  This includes computers, IPads, video game systems, multiple audio and video products, streaming of movies and other programs, and of course, the ever present smart phone.

When family members in a home try to simultaneously use multiple devices it can often lead to the following problems. 

Lack of bandwidthLack of Band Width
Typically the first issue that arises with families with multiple devices is with available band width.  This happens when several users connect to the internet and perform data consuming processes, like downloading large files, watching movies, or streaming programs.  This can lead to programs stalling or the connection being dropped.

Upgrading your network hardware, cabling and router can often be a first step in taking care of this problem.

You can test your Internet speeds by going to SPEAK EASY SPEED TEST.  If you are not getting what you expect, then call your internet service provider.

Spotty WiFi Coverage
girl on computerThe average family of four often has ten or more devices connected to the home Wifi network! Phones, TV’s, laptops and tablets, cameras, alarm system, and smart home systems are everywhere now.  Even new appliances are now being designed to connect to a network.

Inadequate WiFi coverage can be very annoying to say the least.  Not being able to sit on your deck or work in an upstairs bedroom is a problem that can be addressed in two ways … extend your current network, or create a stronger one.

With the increased demand and number of connected devices, many built in Wifi devices like those found in a typical cable router struggle to keep up.  Moving into a pro-grade wired WAP (wireless access point) system can extend your network, increase your speeds, and handle multiple users much better. These systems can also be configured to have a “guest” and “home” network.  This gives your network added security and keeps the neighbor’s kids from chewing up your bandwidth.

Not Enough Electrical Outlets
With so many devices in use some homes and apartments do not always have enough outlets to plug in your new gadgets. If your electronic devices are grouped together, i.e. home theater system, purchasing a good surge protector that allows you to plug in six or more devices will alleviate this problem.

Sometimes the issue is too many outlets are taken up by single-use power adapters for phones and tablets.  To address this you can replace the outlets with ones that have USB ports built into them, or purchase a multi-port adapter that can charge up to five devices while only taking up a single outlet.

remote controlsWires and Remotes Everywhere
Too many wires and remotes can be an aggravating problem. Wires for multiple devices get in your way, and locating the remote control you need for all your audio/video equipment can seem like a daunting task at times.

There are easy to use touch screen universal remotes available that can integrate up to eight remotes into one unit.  Set them up with icons like “watch Netflix” and with one tap on one remote you are ready to go.  You can eliminate some of your wiring by using a Bluetooth or wireless mouse and keyboard.

Higher Electrical Bills
We tend to leave many of our smart devices on all the time. So even when we are not using them, they are silently drawing power.  There are devices available that will allow you to switch off your computer, printer, scanner, etc. with one wireless remote device.  This saves energy and lowers your electric bill.

Artisan is qualified to do all forms of networking cabling.
If you are building a new home, or remodeling your current abode, many of the issues noted above can be addressed when the house is wired initially.  This can include installing the following …

  • Category cabling for home data networks and structured wiring
  • Cabling for Internet, HDTV installs, home automation, audio projects
  • Flat panel TV installs that look good and hide all those wires
  • Camera system wiring
  • Owner provided hardware installation
  • Audio and video, and whole house sound solutions
  • All forms of low voltage wiring for home automation and lighting control
  • Testing for structured wiring networks

juice2Free Consultation Available
The Artisan Electric team would be happy to discuss your “internet and electronic equipment” plans and provide a free estimate.  Just give us a call at 765-414-3913 or contact us at Artisan Electric.

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Electrical Construction Management

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Getting a Construction Project to Turn Out Like You Planned

Large or small … getting construction projects to run smoothly, completed on time, and on budget always presents its challenges. To have the end result turn out the way you want takes planning and staying on top of the details.

Construction project planning

Having a well thought out plan always makes things easier.

Planning is Key to Success
To be successful we have found that defining the plan, adjusting the plan when needed, and ultimately implementing a well thought out construction plan is key to the success of your project.

When working with multiple contractors it is essential that the roles and responsibilities of each are clearly defined.

To make this happen the project manager, or owners group should consider the following standardized practices. Be sure to solicit the input and perspective from those involved about their specific tasks.

  • Who is in charge
    First and foremost establishing a clear chain of command and identifying who has the authority to make changes and spend additional monies is key to the success of any project large or small.       With larger projects, if someone from the owners group is too busy or not qualified to make construction related decisions, we highly recommend a good project manger.
  • Scope Statement
    construction workers 685

    Understanding the scope, schedule and milestones of the project helps the contractors coordinate their work schedules.

    A simple document that clearly defines the work to be done, deliverables, key milestones, and ideally a schedule of values and costs. A scope statement may change during the project, but it shouldn’t be done without the approval of the project manager and/or the owners group.

  • Written Schedule
    A visual representation of the time line that breaks down the scope of the project into well understood dates and times for all the trades in the job.
  • Written Change Orders
    Get them in writing and make sure all parties agree ahead of time how they will be billed!
  • Milestones
    Identify high-level goals that need to be met throughout the project and make sure they are well understood by all the players on the job.
  • Communication Plan
    This is of particular importance if your project involves outside stakeholders. Create reporting about project details and a schedule of when to update team members based on deliverables and milestones.  Also determine what the preferred method of disseminating information on progress reports will be, i.e. email, phone, text, pictures, video.
  • Weekly job site meetings with all the players
    This is essential to avoid rework and costly delays and conflicts. Start by making sure everyone on the project has contact information for every other person on the project. The importance of getting all the players on the job working together is key to the project’s ultimate success.
  • Only Hire Pros
    Hire the best trade’s professional you can. It is the single best investment you can make if you want less headaches and contractors who will go to bat for you and look out for your best interests. Remember low bid is exactly that – it always comes with a cost.

It’s A Beautiful Thing
Staying on top of all aspects of the project using these suggestions will make a big difference. As we all know, “It’s a beautiful thing, when it all comes together according to plan.”

Contact Us With Your Questions
We’ll be happy to answer your questions and have one of our licensed pros assist you in obtaining more information or a quote on your next electrical project.

Contact us today at Artisan Electric or give us a call at 765-414-3913.

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Online Reviews Help Us Build a Customer Driven Reputation

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At Artisan Electric we believe that when we support one another that “we all come up together”.   Our mission “To achieve success with a relentless pursuit of quality, safety, value, and ethics by elevating the work of electricians to a level that is more than just construction; but the work of Artisans” directs our everyday actions.

Acquiring your input on how we are performing is critical to our team meeting its long term goals.

online reviewsThe Importance of Online Reviews
Online reviews continue to grow in importance to every business. Through information obtained from Invesp we know that …

  • 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviewsonline info graphic 3
  • 72% say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more
  • 92% of users will  us a local business if it has at least a 4-star rating
  • 72% of consumers will take action only after reading a positive review

How you can help Artisan Electric
Obtaining feedback on our performance through online reviews helps us improve our business.

Good reviews are important and we love to hear that we did things to your satisfaction, but we also realize that we are not perfect and do make mistakes.  If we failed to meet your expectations, we also want to hear from you.  Truth be told learning what we are did wrong can be more important than the praise we receive for things we do right.  If you have immediate concerns please call me directly at 765-414-3913 option #3, or send me an email at cvoglund@artisanelectric.net – owner Chris Voglund and the Artisan Team.

How to Make an Online Review
We encourage you to go online and leave a Google, Yelp, Facebook or Angie’s List review of your professional experience with Artisan Electric.  The links to each are below.

 google_reviews  yelp-logo  Facebook-Review-Button  review-angies-list





Contact Us With Your Questions
We’ll be happy to answer your questions and have one of our licensed pros assist you in obtaining more information or a quote on your next electrical project.

Contact us today at Artisan Electric or give us a call at 765-414-3913.

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Electrical Amenities Add to Outdoor Living

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Add to Your Summer Memories with Great Outdoor Living

With spring here and the summer soon to follow we can all look forward to taking advantage of those long summer days and warm summer nights.  Having an outdoor living space with extra amenities that your friends and family can enjoy will add to your summer memories.

Outdoor Living At Its Best
Here are five great ways to take your patio, deck or backyard to the next level.

trex deck lighting

Add visual appeal with outdoor lighting.

1. Incorporate Landscape and Architectural Lighting
Make your outdoor space and walkways more functional and attractive with lights around your deck, walkways and landscaping.  LED accent lighting adds beauty and appeal to your evening activities.

2. Supplement Outdoor Heating and Cooling
Using fans and patio heaters you can help cool the summer heat or be comfortable in the fall when the temperatures drop.  Ceiling fans in your screened-in porch or gazebo can easily be installed.


Relax in your own hot tub.

3. Install Outdoor Audio and Video Systems
Enjoying the game or your favorite music while relaxing on your deck can be a lot of fun with family and friends.  Installing a big screen TV and audio components around your outdoor bar or pool can easily be done with today’s technology.

4. Add a Spa or Hot Tub
When it comes to relaxing nothing beats a Jacuzzi or hot tub.  Incorporating a hot tub into your outdoor design will give you extra enjoyment for many years.

5. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen 1233

Enjoy great meals in your outdoor kitchen.

For the chef in all of us, creating a place to grill and prepare meals is a great way to entertain and enjoy a great meal at the same time.  From the simple to the elaborate, outdoor kitchens can be created to your specifications and budget.

Electrical Expertise Required
From installing a ceiling fan, to adding accent lighting, to wiring an A/V system, all of these projects require input from a knowledgeable electrician.  Making sure that all wiring is to code and is weather proof is important to insure everyone’s safety.

juice2Any one of our the certified electricians on the Artisan Electric team would be happy to discuss your plans and provide input on turning your backyard into the outdoor space of your dreams.  Just give us a call at 765-414-3913 or contact us at Artisan Electric.

Commercial & Residential Surge Protection

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Surge Protection Can Save You Thousands of Dollars and Tons of Aggravation


How much can Surge Protection save you? That depends on how much you’ve invested in your home theatre; audio and computer equipment; and home appliances.

Electrical Spikes Come from Multiple Sources
The dreaded lightning strike on or near your home can quickly take out your home’s electronic devices including your computer, TV, audio equipment and alarm system.  It can also damage and/or degrade larger items like refrigerators, washers and dryers, and other home appliances.

Power surges are also caused by appliances inside your home from larger motors like refrigerators, microwave ovens, tools and HVAC systems.  When electrical spikes occur from these motors, sensitive electronic devices can be affected.

How do you protect your home and equipment from these highly disruptive power surges?

houseStep 1: Ask a qualified electrician to take a look at what you have in your home or office that is susceptible to power surges and where surge protection is warranted.

Step 2: Add surge protection at the main power panel, cable TV/satellite service and telephone service.  This protects inside your home from major electrical spikes from outside sources i.e. lightning strikes.


Step 3: Install smaller surge protectors to protect sensitive electronics inside your home from power surges caused by large appliances and other motors within your home.

Step 4:  Protect equipment located outside the home such as the air conditioning unit, pool pump or well pumps.

Avoid Expensive Replacement or Repair Bills
Protecting your valuable assets now by adding surge protection will prevent you from dealing with expensive replacement or repair bills later.

Artisan Electric offers surge protection products for commercial and residential customers. For more information on these products go to SurgeAssure.


Free Site Assessment
Have questions or concerns about surge protection for your home or business?  Contact us today at Artisan Electric or call us at 765-414-3913 and let our licensed pros do a free site assessment.  We can then discuss the best way to protect all your electronic devices.


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Not all electrical contractors are created equal.

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Not all electrical contractors are created equal.


This is the prime time of the year to start new construction projects. And almost every one of those projects will require some electrical work.


There are a lot of individuals and companies that offer to do electrical work.  In choosing which one is best suited to install a new electrical service; wire your home or business; or perform service calls and repairs; you’ll want to ask the following questions.

Do they hold current state licenses?
Are they up-to-date on all code requirements?
A license is your guarantee that the contractor has completed the necessary courses and practical work to perform the job safely and correctly. You should insist on any job, large or small, that your contractor demonstrates adherence to code and license requirements. Failure to do so could mean additional costs down the road to re-do a non-compliant job.

What type of training have they received?
Choosing a company that uses degreed journeyman electricians, who have completed a 4 or 5 year certified apprenticeship program, helps guarantee that the electrician has both the field experience and education to provide top level services and deal with the unforeseen in a professional manor.

Are they bonded and insured?
A call to the City Engineers Office in the town or county where you live can reveal a lot.  Find out if the trade you are researching requires a state license, and if the specific contractor you are researching is bonded with the city or county they are working in.

Be sure your contractor carries their own workers’ comp insurance. Ask to see copies of current policies and make sure they have not expired. Make no mistake, if an electrician is injured on the job, it will come back on the homeowner’s insurance policy if the contractor doesn’t carry workers’ comp insurance.  Always ask that a COI (certificate of insurance) be sent directly to you from their agent!


Are they listed with the Better Business Bureau or well-reviewed on Angie’s List?
The Better Business Bureau has an ever growing data base of information on contractors – you can find out a lot from their website or a phone call.  Angie’s List is a great resource to find out about first-hand experiences other customers have had with a contractor.

Does their company do background checks?
Not all electrical contractors perform background checks. In this day and age it is important to know who you are hiring and letting into your place of business or home.

Is their estimate clear and in writing?
A proper estimate for work should be fully itemized; provide adequate details and a scope of work; outline the terms and obligations of all parties; and always be in writing.  It should be clear what is and what is not going to be done for the dollars you are about to spend.

Will they provide full disclosure?
If you feel uncertain about an initial estimate ask the contractor to provide a schedule of values.  This is a document used to break down and track all job costs, including percent mark up of material and profit.  A good contractor should be willing to share this information with you up front.

Ask for recommendations and references.
Talking with someone you trust, who has worked closely with an electrician, can give you valuable insight into what you can expect in service and workmanship. If you cannot get a recommendation then ask the electrician for references.  Contact the references to learn firsthand about their experience with the contractor.

juice2We’ll Be Happy to Answer Your Questions
Talk to us about your next project and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. We’ll follow up with one of our licensed pros providing an estimate on any electrical work you wish done.

Contact us today at Artisan Electric or give us a call at 765-414-3913.

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Creating Your Perfect “TECH” Space

February 27th, 2017 No comments

Creating Your Perfect “TECH” Space

Remodeling dens, basements, living rooms, lady lairs, outdoor living spaces, she sheds, and man caves is very popular right now.

Having that space where you can enjoy the big game, stream movies, play video games, have the neighborhood kids over, and entertain family and friends has become a #1 priority for many.


Understanding how to integrate multiple layers of technology is important when creating that perfect TECH space.

Don’t Underestimate the Technology and Electrical needs as part of the “Big Picture”

When designing spaces that have multiple layers of technology there are some important considerations that impact your end result.  These include placement and type of audio and video; lighting and environmental controls; internet and provider connectivity; and integration devices (such as smart remotes) that make up your home media or entertainment center.

Lighting for your new space and how it will be controlled is another essential part of getting the right look and feel for a given project.  Both the lighting and component integration entail extensive understanding of technology, as well as the electrical considerations and lighting design.

An Amazing Space or a Bad College Apartment
Integrating audio and video equipment for optimum effect involves its proper placement within the room, both visually and for the best performance and effect.  The right lighting can really set a room apart and increase its functionality. Thinking through how the room will be used will determine the type, number and location of A/V components and lighting options.

When all the pieces come together in the right way, they make for amazing spaces.  When they come together in the wrong way, they lead to technology frustrations and often look like a bad college apartment.


Consult an electrician on the design and installation of new technology.

Talk to Your Technology Friendly, Local Journeyman Electricians at Artisan Electric – we are here to help!
So when you decide to remodel that prime space, it would be wise to have an experienced team involved both in the design phase of your project and for the install and completion.  Our team has the experience and boots on the ground expertise to assist in a wide range of tech based projects.

So what can we do?
o    Full line electrical contracting – residential, commercial, light industrial
o    Audio and Video distribution – for home, business, industry
o    Conference room and commercial business space tech solutions (War Rooms)
o    Video conferencing solutions
o    Smart office systems
o    Smart home systems
o    IT infrastructure
o    Network cabling
o    Generator Systems / Critical power
o    Surge protection solutions for home / business / industry
o    Wireless access solutions
o    Electronic integration design and consultation services
o    House of worship audio / video / lighting solutions and space planning
o    Events centers and theatrical space audio / video / lighting solutions and space planning
o    Custom integrated lighting design and installation
o    Conference room and office furniture solutions with design support
o    Tech consulting for business and industry (proper planning makes for predictable results)
o    Home theater / listening rooms
o    Retrofits  / remodels of all kinds
o    Audio testing / acoustic sound treatment solutions
o    Hearing loops
o    Crestron control systems
o    Wireless solutions for audio and vide
o    Custom interface systems and programming
o    Consulting for other outside resources teams, architects, and plan review services
o    If you can dream it we have the team to make it a reality!

juice2The Artisan Way
Artisan Electric would be happy to review your ideas for any remodeling project, business space, or new home construction. Just give us a call.  We’ll go over our ideas and discuss the approach we use to get you to that final “yes, that’s what I wanted” moment with the least amount of headaches and stress.

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Change Your Lighting For A Dramatic New Look

January 30th, 2017 No comments

shutterstock_220434040 crop

Change Your Lighting For A Dramatic New Look

Looking for a relatively inexpensive way to give your home a dramatic and distinctive new look?  Change the lighting.  By adding new lights, replacing old fixtures and rethinking how you light each room, your home can take on a new appearance and ambiance.  Using newer lighting products can even save you money.

Each Room Has Its Own Personality
Lighting should be tailored for each room.  Family rooms that are used for multiple purposes will require different lighting schemes than kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Assess how a space is used before doing a lighting makeover.

Lighting in layers allows you to choose light fixtures that provide light where you need it and add visual interest as well.

kitchen with lightingAmbient or General Lighting
Ceiling fixtures and chandeliers provide light throughout a room.

Task Lighting
Add extra light to areas where chores and activities get done. Reading, cutting up food, applying makeup, and work areas benefit from task lighting.

Accent Lighting
Add interest to the décor or unique features of your home.  Lighting over a painting or display, or below or above cabinets will set these areas apart.

Ideas to Stimulate Your Imagination
Here are some suggestions we have to upgrade your lighting and not only enhance the ambiance of a space, but also make it more functional.

  • Use wall-washing recessed lighting fixtures around the perimeter of a small room to illuminate the walls and make the space feel larger, or highlight artwork or other special features.
  • A combination of ceiling lights, wall mounted sconces, and table lamps can create an overall look that resonates.  Adding sconce lights to living rooms and dining rooms is a very cost effective way to spruce up a space and really change the look of a room.
  • For dark corners, use metal can up-lights. They can be purchased in a variety of styles and only need to be plugged in, with the light directed at the dark area. These are small and can be placed out of sight in a potted floor plant or on the top of a dresser.

    white switch with dimmer

    Dimmer switches add versatility

  • Install under-cabinet light strips in the kitchen, desk area, or workroom. The light will shine directly on the work area and make any task easier. Switch them off when you leave the job.
  • When lighting a three-dimensional object such as a fireplace, sculpture, or favorite item with recessed lighting, it is more effective to light it from two or three different angles.  Make sure you avoid the runway light look by not placing recessed lights in a straight line.
  • Install dimmer switches on as many lamps and light fixtures as practical.  Dimmer switches and controls add versatility – creating a light source that’s customizable to your needs.  Set a different mood in your dining room, bathroom, bedroom and even outside on your deck or patio. You’ll have control over the intensity of light around your home and save energy at the same time.Being able to dim the lights in a given space is one of the quickest and most affordable changes that can be made to dramatically affect the lighting in a space.

juice2Need Some Help Picking Our New Light Fixtures
Picking out new light fixtures and determining what can be done to change the lighting in a space can be an intimidating process.  Lighting is an art, we understand this very well (it is in our name after all).  We would be happy to assist you with design and new ideas to find a fresh approach for your space.  Just give us a call.

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